Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are items cleaned in between uses?2018-09-04T22:07:39-07:00

Safety and sanitation are primary concerns when renting baby equipment.  All Products are disinfected after each rental instance using a combination of steam cleaning plus natural, earth friendly, and baby friendly products.  Chemical-free cleaning is possible! 

How far ahead should I place an order?2018-09-04T22:08:09-07:00

We recommend to book your rental as soon as possible so we can ensure availability of item(s) needed.  When traveling during holidays, try booking several weeks ahead as those are the busiest times. We will always try to accommodate last minute orders, so please reach out to us directly so we can schedule delivery as best we can.

Is there a minimum order amount?2018-09-04T22:08:28-07:00

A minimum order of $25 is preferred. You may still place an order that falls below this amount but will be charged the appropriate minimum depending on delivery location.

Can I make changes to my order?2018-09-04T22:09:05-07:00

Yes. Please log into your account and from there you will be able to make any necessary changes. If you do not have an account, please send an email requesting your specific changes. You will receive an order change confirmation email if your changes were able to be made. Please note that all changes made within 48 hours of the delivery time are not guaranteed and the customer will be charges their full order amount.

When does my rental term begin and end?2018-09-04T22:10:45-07:00

Your rental term will begin on the day of delivery and end on your last day of use. This will automatically be calculated during your rental period selection.

Can I pick-up my own equipment?2018-09-04T22:11:24-07:00

All equipment is arranged to be delivered to the customer, not picked up, out of the convenience of the customer.

Do you assemble the cribs?2018-09-04T22:11:42-07:00

Our cribs are designed to fold and unfold in room of choice. Limited assembly required.

When is the item delivered?2018-09-04T22:12:06-07:00

Rented items are delivered by 3:00pm on customer’s arrival date. For special requests, please indicate this in the Special Instructions Box during check-out. We will always try to do our best to arrange a delivery time that is most convenient for the customer and B.A.B.E. Rentals’ availability based on location.

What is the delivery fee?2018-09-04T22:13:06-07:00

Our flat rate delivery fee is $40 which includes pick-up of item at the end of the rental period. If no one is available at the location during the beginning or ending of rental period, item will be attempted to be delivered or picked up at an additional fee. See Delivery Policy section within the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Do you provide long term rentals?2018-09-04T22:13:33-07:00

Long term rentals are available. Please contact us to check availability and to make further arrangements. Select items are also available for purchase at a discounted retail price.

What form of payment is accepted?2018-09-04T22:13:51-07:00

We accept all major credit cards. Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. 

Can I pick up my own equipment?2018-09-04T22:14:24-07:00

We do not have a pick-up location at this time.

Can you pick up from a location different than the original delivery location?2018-09-04T22:14:43-07:00

If there is a location change during the rental period, please let us know so we can arrange pick-up from the appropriate location.

Do you deliver to airports?2018-09-04T22:15:10-07:00

Currently, we only deliver to the location of where you are staying.

What if I want to buy an item?2018-09-04T22:15:26-07:00

There is a Buy Now option for each item on our website. Please select and follow the instructions to learn more about this exciting option!

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